Service Cancellations Update

After much prayer and deliberation, Citylights Church has decided to cancel our Sunday worship services on 3/22 and 3/29.  This is not a decision that we make lightly.  We know that our weekly worship service is an important time of connecting with each other and with God.  This choice is not rooted in fear but instead in faith in the full sufficiency of Christ.  In light of the present climate, loving our neighbor means valuing the safety of our neighborhood more than our right to meet together.  So many have sacrificed so much to limit opportunities for the virus to spread.  We do not want to minimize these efforts by being obstinate in our desire to congregate.  Loving our community by being a light in this context means putting the needs of the city over our own interests.  As difficult as this will be to execute, we cling to our faith in Jesus Christ, confident that His saving and transforming work in our lives is not dependent on anything we do during that 90 minute stretch.  We are so grateful that our faith is so much more than a mere church experience and the opportunities for bible study, prayer, worship and mutual encouragement remain.
Here is a link to a livestream of worship services that will be going at 9am and 10:30:  Parkcrest is a fellow Long Beach church that will effectively point you to God through their service.
In the meantime, let’s remain committed to supporting each other.  We hope you will be intentional in your efforts to check in with each other.  Call each other.  If it makes sense, get together in small groups.  Pray together.  Point each other to Christ.
Of course, many of the expenses of the church continue whether we meet or not.  To continue to give, click ‘Give‘ from the menu above to give online.
We are confident that our God will see us through this season of life. We remain committed to starting the worship services back up as quickly as possible. Keep checking back here at our website for updated information.